Mission & Objectives

Mission Statement

To offer high ethical standards of clinical practice in delivering counselling and therapy to those seeking help to address their mental, emotional, social and behavioural issues.

Our Objectives

  • To promote and provide services to the mental, emotional, behavioral health of those in need through the science and application of Therapeutic Counselling and Psychotherapy.
  • To provide an industry based Association for persons engaged in the practice of Counselling and Psychotherapy.
  • To monitor, maintain, set and improve professional standards in counselling and psychotherapy education and practice.
  • To be a self-regulatory body to provide for registration of members and to prove a mechanism for dealing with complaints about members.
  • To provide a unified voice for the counselling and psychotherapy industry.
  • To provide a consistent Code of Conduct and set of Practitioner Standards.
  • To promote the professional development and growth of counsellors and psychotherapists.
  • To assess, review and recognize counsellor and psychotherapist education courses.
  • To maintain a register of approved counsellors and psychotherapists.
  • To identify to the public at large counsellors and psychotherapists that meet nationally recognizable standards of education and practice.
  • To make the general public at large more aware of the counselling and psychotherapy profession and the availability of reputable counsellors and psychotherapists.
  • To liaise with the Government for the benefits of members and the public.
  • To provide a Complains Tribunal for the ethical practice of members.