President's Message

Hello all,  

Since its formation in March 2012, APACS has continued to grow from strength to strength and is making an impact within the Mental Health field. We now have over 150 members, not just from Singapore but from overseas as well.  

The Founding and Pioneering Members started off with the mission to provide greater help and assistance to those with mental and emotional distresses. In addition, there was the hope to create greater awareness and opportunities for those in the Mental Health and Helping Profession, expanding avenues for personal and career development whilst also giving back to the community and society.  

The Association does not claim exclusivity of existence. However, it claims uniqueness in its attempts to bridge counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists as well as those who are in allied industries into a meaningful oneness- an organized body whereby various activities can be regulated within high ethical and behavioural code of conduct.  

It believes in the creation of a holistic approach in responding to the needs of the community, and advocates that the achievement of this approach can only be made possible via the gathering together of expertise from the various fields represented.  

With the continuous support and participation of every member, with each one contributing their diversity and specialization, the journey forward will be one that is exciting, full of growth and full of life.  

Let us all continue to move ahead together and leave a legacy for others to emulate and remember. We are, all of us, in this together!  

Best Regards,
Ms. Abigail Lee
President (2016-2018)