APACS Membership


Membership is open to all who qualify for the membership entrance criteria and to all like-minded people who share the common interest in the field of counselling, psychotherapy and psychology and with the interest of offering help to those with emotional, behavioral and mental issues.

Category of Members

Fellow member
A Fellow member is an Ordinary member who by outstanding and exemplary services provided in the field of human services (counselling, psychotherapy, psychology) can choose upon application and approval of the Executive committee upgrade himself to this category. A Fellow shall have voting rights and is obliged to continue paying the appropriate annual and other dues. A Fellow member can hold any elective office.

Life member
Life member is an Ordinary member who chooses to make a onetime lump sum payment of his annual dues. He shall then be exempted from paying further membership annual dues. He possesses voting rights and can hold any elective office.

Ordinary member
An Ordinary Member is one who has provided sufficient documentary evidence of adequate training and experience to be recognized by the Association as a qualified person to be admitted as a member. The Member shall have voting rights and can hold elective office. The Member is not exempted from his annual dues payment.

Associate member
An Associate typically has some affiliation with the counselling and/or psychotherapy profession, either via studies or work (e.g. nurses, physiotherapists, religious counselors, etc). This category of members can also include corporate/institutional organizations. An Associate shall possess no voting rights and cannot hold any elective office. An Associate is not exempted from annual dues payment.

Student member
A Student member shall have the expressed interest in the field of counselling, psychotherapy, psychology and/or human services (eg. nurses, physiotherapist, etc). He shall be at least be sixteen years of age at the time of application and can be transferred to higher grades upon application and approved by the executive committee. A Student shall have no voting rights and will be required to pay annual dues.

Honorary member
An Honorary member shall be a renowned person or an individual with outstanding contribution in the field of human services. An Honorary member can be proposed by the Executive Committee to this position for only the period within the tenure of the current term of office of the Executive committee.  An Honorary member shall be exempted from the payment of entrance and/or annual subscription fees but will have no voting rights and will not allowed to hold elective office.