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Specialised Skills

Focus Group

Dr Po Gim Tee Jeffrey, Phd
(Ordinary - L4S)
Reality, Existential & Holistic Life Skills Coaching including meditation and mediation Emotional-Mentally/ Distressed, Elderly & Relationship issues
Dr Prem Kumar Shanmugam, Phd
(Ordinary - L4S)
Addiction Treatment & Research, CBT, REBT, SFBT, MI and Family Systems Addiction (Substance & Behaviour), Youth & Family
Robert Tai Lee Lieh
(Ordinary - L4S)
General Counselling, Hypnotherapy, NLP
Emilia Yee May Yin
(Ordinary - L4S)
Career Counselling, Personality Assessments, General Counselling
Adelina Chan Wai Kuen
(Ordinary - L4)
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy General Counselling, Ageing
Nadia Abbas Rahimtoola
(Ordinary - L4S)
Psychodynamic, Person Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behvaioural Therapy General Counselling, Marital Counselling, Family Systems
Sandeep Singh Sidhu (Ordinary)
Wang Chong Lieh
(Ordinary - L2)
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Counselling, Stress Management
Ellis Lee
(Ordinary - L4S)
Evelyn Lee Kam Yoke
(Ordinary - L1)
Eugene Chong
(Ordinary - L4S)
Certified Choice Theory Reality Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Psychological Assessment (Intelligence, Personality, Marital), Prepare/Enrich & T-JTA Trainer Depression/Anxiety/Schizophrenia, Youths Mental/Behavioural Health, Couples Counselling (Premarital, Conflicted, EMA)
Roderick Chua Boon Leng
(Ordinary - L2)
Jagjit Kaur
(Ordinary - L4)
Dr Indhumati Balasubranian, MD
(Ordinary - L4S)
Counselling, Students Career Counselling, Mindfulness
Jasdeep Kaur Sidhu (Ordinary)
Stella D/O Stephen
(Ordinary - L1)
Quek Ngee Meng Alain
(Ordinary - L1)
Ho Soo Yi Karen
(Ordinary - L4S)
Psychodynamic Teens, Palliative Care
Estella Lim Siew Lai
(Ordinary - L2)
Revathi Karunakaran
Jared Devan
Chee Suh Yien Cassandra
(Ordinary - L2)
Siti Khadijah Bte Kamarudin
Gina Sin Hui Rong
Vaynard Lee Kwang Wei
Enid Teo-Lee Ching Hoon
(Ordinary - L4S)
Family Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness based Therapy Work Life Balance, Women's & Children's Mental Health, Chronic Pain Management
Nicholas Ooi Yun Leong
Yim Chek Kiong Jim
Amy Ching Lee Hoon
(Ordinary - L4S)
Goh Sing Pheng
(Ordinary - L1)
Tan Hwee Soon Kelly
(Ordinary - L4)
Goh Keow Wah Gilbert
(Ordinary - L1)
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, General Counselling Specialising On Unemployment, Divorce Matters
Richard Phang Chee Wai
(Ordinary - L2)
Tanja S. Faessler-Moro
(Ordinary - L4S)
Solution focused counseling & coaching, Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Meditation, Supervision

Adults, Couples 

Depression / Anxiety / PTSD / Stress / Fertility / Eating Disorder / Grief & Trauma Work

Chai Lee Pin
(Ordinary - L1)
Rapisura Ronnel Cruz
Precirose Sales
Abigail Lee
(Life - L4S)
Counselling, Play Therapy, Trauma & Grief Work Children & Adolescents, Couples & Family, Trauma Surviours
Pang Kok Meng
(Ordinary - L4S)

Family & Marital Psychotherapy

Adolescent & Adult Psychotherapy

Organisation Psychology

Accredited in Prepare / Enrich, TJTA, MBTI, FIRO-B, Benchmark, Strong Interest Inventory and Big 5 Personality.

Family & Marital

Adolescent & Adult

David Kan
(Ordinary - L4S)
Tham Saik Hoong
(Ordinary - L4S)


Mindfulness & Psychodynamic

Addiction Counselling

Depression & Anxiety

Anger & Stress Management

Elderly and Relationship Issues

Yang Fang
Karel Karsten Himawan
(Ordinary - L2) (Overseas)
CBT, Reminiscence Therapy Eldery & Relationships Issues
Peter Gan Su Keng
(Ordinary - L4S)
Mindfulness-Based Therapies (MBSR/MBCT, CFT, ACT, DBT), Schema Therapy OCD, Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Trauma & Stress Management
Yeh Wee Cher
Lucia Ng Koon Pong
(Ordinary - L2)
Chia Mui Sowe Jimmy
(Ordinary - L4S)
Su Yunhui Redeslyn
Sim Kwang Mong
(Ordinary - L4S)
CBT, PCT, CTRT Adolescents & Marital
Shiao Ai Choo Wendy
(Ordinary - L4)
Hoon Poh Choo
(Ordinary - L4)
Chandran Radhakrishnan
(Ordinary - L4)
Fadzilah Binte Abdul Rahman
Harold Tan
James Chong
(Ordinary - L2)
Veronica Cecilia Nathan
(Ordinary - L3)
Prepare/Enrich & T-JTA Practitioner, Family & Marital Therapy, Clinical Supervision, Career & Guidance Counselling Couples work (EMA, Domestic Violence), Relationship Conflicts, Grief & Loss
Pang Yew Yang
(Ordinary - L1)
Chiang Kue Piau
(Ordinary - L2)
Lambert Chiang Shih Kao
Jeslyn Lim
(Ordinary - L4S)
Pediatric Behavioural Therapy, Psychological Assessment, Hypnotherapy, Integral Eye Movement Therapy

Grief and loss, Self esteem/confidence, Mental/Behavioural Health, Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, OCD

Kirby Chua
(Ordinary - L4S)
Clinical Psychology, Anxiety Disorders, Christian Counselling
Edgar Tham
(Ordinary - L4)
Mental Toughness, Performance Psychology, Personality Profiling Sports, Music & Performing Arts, Sales & Marketing, Uniformed Groups (Police/Civil Defense)
Alia Vannessa Ann Vargheese
(Ordinary - L1)
Allen Annett
(Ordinary - L3)
Life/Career Counselling, Organisational Psychology, Psychological Assessment, Art & Photo Therapy Family Systems, Youth Behaviours, Business Leaders & Managers, Employee Engagement
Chui Wai Cheng
(Ordinary - L1)
Esah Binte Ali
Soh Wah Keem
(Ordinary - L1)
Nyang Poh Chin
(Ordinary - L2)
CBT Substance Abuse, Aftercare & Youth
Lea Chan
(Ordinary - L2)
Depression, Trauma, ADHD
Tan Hui Yang Aston
(Ordinary - L1)
Counselling, Individual & Group Crisis Intervention Adolescents
Lee Hui Lan Winnie
(Ordinary - L3)
PCT, TA, CBT, SFBT, Existential Teens, Elderly, Parenting Issues
Revolu Tetseo
(Ordinary - L4) (Overseas)
Shereen Banu Rowter
Annie Wong Pek Geok
Mohammad Tariq S/O Samsudeen
(Ordinary - L1)
Ali Bin Daud
Saadia Albrecht
Anna-Rose Taylor
Kenneth Sim P. Y.
(Ordinary - L4)
Lea Rose
(Ordinary) (overeas)
Art Therapy & Holistic Therapy General
Anne Lastman
(Ordinary) (overseas)
Abortion Therapy Traumatized Individuals
Dr Joshua Kua, MD
General Psychiatry & Psychotherapy
Dhira Ng Gim Hon
(Ordinary - L4)
Counselling General
Joyce Ling
(Ordinary - L4S)
CBT, REBT, SFBT, MO, Addictions & Family Systems

Career Counselling

Families & Youth


Marital Counselling

Psychiatric Conditions


Sakshi Singh Kshatriya
(Ordinary - L2)
Soh Gim Chuan
(Ordinary - L1)
Michael Tan Chong Boon
(Ordinary - L1)
Hypnotherapy General

Wong Keng Yang Betty

(Ordinary - L2)

Ng Min Fen

(Ordinary - L3)

Shi Jian Xin


Khoo Lock Bay Richard

(Ordinary - L1)

Bernard Mackenzie

(Ordinary - L4S)

Meditation, CBT, EMDR Children, Teenagers & Adults

Nivedita Rawal

(Ordinary - L4)


Mindfulness meditation


Xavier Andrews

(Ordinary - L1)

Johanna Shapira

(Ordinary - L4)

Dr Karthiyaini Sekar, MD

(Ordinary) (Overseas)

Paul Tan (Ordinary)

Dr Krishantha Janapriya Wirasinghe, MD (Ordinary - L2)

Pang Kok Leong Francis (Ordinary)

Michael Thong (Ordinary - L4)


Psychological Assessment

Research & Statistics

Adolescents / Adults / Elderly

Anxiety & Depression

Stress and Anger Management

Career Counselling / Coaching

Quek Hong Choon (Ordinary - L3)

Carolyn Lim Bee Bee (Ordinary - L4)

Dan Ng Chong Chee (Ordinary - L4S)

CBT, PCT, SFBT, PADI, RT, Clinical Supervision, Family & Marital Counselling, Career & Guidance Counselling, Crisis Intervention Children, Adolescents & Adults

Hiroko Kobayashi (Ordinary - L3)

Dr. Natalie Chantagul, Phd (Ordinary  - L4S)


Kanchana D/O Kalamogan 

(Ordinary - L2)

CBT, Play therapy, Grief & Loss Intervention, Suicide Intervention Children & Adolescents

Lim Soo Ching (Ordinary  - L4S)

CBT, SFBT, MI, Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Depression, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Eating Disorders

Couples Counselling

Youth to Adults

Chow Oi Har

(Ordinary  - L4)

CTRTC Children & Adolescents

N.E. Devika Samaranayake 

(Ordinary - L1)

CBT, EMDR, Career & Guidance Counselling

Medical Counselling, Clinical Supervision

Depression / Anxiety / Schizophrenia

Trauma / PTSD / OCD / Anger & Stress Management

Mental / Behavioural Health Issues

Self Esteem / Confidence

Patient Support

Children / Adolescents / Adults / Elderly

Jacquelyn Peh

(Ordinary - L4S)

CBT, SFBT, CTRT, Integrative Therapy

Adolescent & Youth at Risk

Adults & Senior Citizens Mental Health issues

Shirley Han (Ordinary)
Claudio Moroni (Ordinary - L3)

Counselling (Individual & Group)

Emergency Psychology

Psychological Assessment

Mental Health

Trauma / Stress Management

Adults / Adolescents

Dr Christopher Fong, Phd (Ordinary - L4)
Lee Chui Yeng, Carol (Ordinary - L2)

Stress Management


Relaxation Strategies

Child Psychology


Ko Ewe Jean, Cheryl (Ordinary - L1)

Behavioural Therapy

ABA Therapy

Psychology Observation

Special Needs Kids
Tan Si Min, Celeste (Ordinary - L1) Behavioural Therapy Children Development
Celine Edmund (Ordinary - L4S)


Family Therapy

Marital Counselling

Chandrasenan Joshi (Ordinary - L4S) General Counselling



Married Couples

Tay Ee Leng Elaine (Ordinary - L3) General Counselling Children & Adolescents
Siti Nadhirah Bte Azmi (Ordinary - L1) Psychology Children & Adolescents
He Qin Cherry (Ordinary - L1) Children Psychology Children & Adolescents
Lai Chong Tuck Larry (Ordinary - L4S)
Ong Hai Chiew (Ordinary - L3) General Counselling Elderly, Adoslescents and Marital
Chua Lian Kee (Ordinary - L3) General Counselling, EMDR, Mental Health Depression
Anita Barot (Ordinary - L4)

Emotional Intelligence, People Management

Leadership Training

Intercultural Relationships

Life Transitions

Adolescents Behaviours

Yap Kian Hong Amos (Ordinary - L3) CBT, SFBT & Satir Adolescents & Adults
Nicole Karen Ling Shu Hui (Ordinary - L4S) CBT, Organisational and Leadership Development Adults & Employee Development
Dougles John BULLOCK
Christopher John S/O Salvanathan Peter (Ordinary - L4S)

General Counselling



Teens & Elderly

Doreen Wong Mi Fung (Ordinary - L4) CBT, SFBT, Expressive & Artistic Therapy

Children Relationships


Jennifer Goh Yi Mei (Ordinary - L4)


Children & Adolescents

Vina Teo Geok Choo (Ordinary - L2)

Addiction, Mental Health 

Eldelry, Family & Marital Issues

Elderly, Adults

Children & Adolescents

William Chua Wee Siang (Ordinary - L1) CBT, SFBT, GID


Children & Adolescents

Jessica Olpp (Ordinary)
Tan Lee Ming (Ordinary)
Malathi Hariharan (Ordinary - L4) Mental Health Issues Adults, Adolescents & Elderly
Sarasvathy D/O Annamalai (Ordinary - L3) CTRT, CBT and Person Centred Children and Adolescents
Jeevithan S/O Muralidharan (Ordinary)
Jerome Sylvester S/O Jesudass (Ordinary)

Joanne Lamey (Ordinary - L3)

Family Issues

Violence and Mental Health

Youth & Children
Lai Chee Gong (Ordinary)

Children with disabilities

ADHD and mental health issues

Sue Ann Nummela (Ordinary - L2)

Meditative Flow Therapy, EMDR 

Sleep Disorders

Christy Chu (Ordinary)

Behavioural Addiction

Marriage & Elderly Issues



Kayla Yap Pei Sei (Life - L3)

Interpersonaly Psychotherapy

Mental Health & Trauma

Alison Edria Doyle (Ordinary - L3)

Narrative Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Dil Afroja Begum (Ordinary - L3)

Family Therapy

Mental Health 

Lim Gaik Eng (Ordinary - L4)
Duraipandi Angeline Jayanthi (Ordinary - L3) Marital Issues and Parenting Skills Adults and Youth
Woon Li Lin Shirley (Ordinary) Family Therapy, Affairs Recovery Programme Adults and children

Mohamed Noor Bin Yusoff (Ordinary - L1)

Chong Nam Kee

(Ordinary - L1)

Christian Counselling and Mentoring


Adults and Adolescents
Lim Ming Chu Sharon (Ordinary - L2)


Narrative Therapy



Domestic Violence

Lam Lai Sheon (Ordinary - L2)

Person Centred Therapy





Suresh Kumar Nair (Ordinary)
Dr Soo Hoong Yean Felice (Ordinary - L4)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy


LGBT Individual

Tan Sunn Chye Roy (Ordinary - L2) Lifeskills CoachingMotivational Talks



Steven Das Francis (Ordinary - L4)

Personal Crisis

Pre & Post Divorce Stress, Marital Issue

Kelly-Jo Louise Caney (Student Mem)
George Ong Tze-Wei (Ordinary - L3)
Wilson Tan (Ordinary)
Nurni Loren Bite Mohd Zaini (Ordinary - L3)

Mental Health Issues, Elderly Rehab

Family Issue/violence

Charmaine Evangeline Tan Ming Min (Student)

Mental Health Issues

Special needs

Adolescent, Elderly
Doris Yap Lay Khoon (Ordinary) Gerontology, Trauma, Palliative Care Adults
Olga Lim-de Wit (Ordinary - L4)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Person Centred Therapy

Adolescent, Elderly

Mental health issues

Hannah Yu Mei Yi (Ordinary - L1) Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy Adults
No Name of Member Removed (Wef 7th Dec 2015)
1 Renjala Balachandran
2 Senthil Kumar S/O Kaliyaperumal
3 Lew Zhi Wei Shadow
4 Tan Hong Yiaw
5 Diane Tay Xinyi
6 Clement Tan Pin
7 Narinder Kaur
8 Kee Li Cheng
9 Loo Jing Min (Elizabeth)
10 Jancy Ng Lee Hwa
11 Ganesh Dev
12 Nafsiah Binte Mohd Noh
13 Christina Chua
14 Nur Syawani Bte Dahlan