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Specialised Skills

Focus Group

Dr Po Gim Tee Jeffrey, Phd
(Ordinary - L4S)
Reality, Existential & Holistic Life Skills Coaching including meditation and mediation Emotional-Mentally/ Distressed, Elderly & Relationship issues
Dr Prem Kumar Shanmugam, Phd
(Ordinary - L4S)
Addiction Treatment & Research, CBT, REBT, SFBT, MI and Family Systems Addiction (Substance & Behaviour), Youth & Family
Robert Tai Lee Lieh
(Ordinary - L4S)
General Counselling, Hypnotherapy, NLP
Emilia Yee May Yin
(Ordinary - L4S)
Career Counselling, Personality Assessments, General Counselling
Adelina Chan Wai Kuen
(Ordinary - L4)
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy General Counselling, Ageing
Nadia Abbas Rahimtoola
(Ordinary - L4S)
Psychodynamic, Person Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behvaioural Therapy General Counselling, Marital Counselling, Family Systems
Sandeep Singh Sidhu (Ordinary)
Wang Chong Lieh
(Ordinary - L2)
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Counselling, Stress Management
Ellis Lee
(Ordinary - L4S)
Evelyn Lee Kam Yoke
(Ordinary - L1)
Eugene Chong
(Ordinary - L4S)
Certified Choice Theory Reality Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Psychological Assessment (Intelligence, Personality, Marital), Prepare/Enrich & T-JTA Trainer Depression/Anxiety/Schizophrenia, Youths Mental/Behavioural Health, Couples Counselling (Premarital, Conflicted, EMA)
Roderick Chua Boon Leng
(Ordinary - L2)
Jagjit Kaur
(Ordinary - L4)
Dr Indhumati Balasubranian, MD
(Ordinary - L4S)
Counselling, Students Career Counselling, Mindfulness
Jasdeep Kaur Sidhu (Ordinary)
Stella D/O Stephen
(Ordinary - L1)
Quek Ngee Meng Alain
(Ordinary - L1)
Ho Soo Yi Karen
(Ordinary - L4S)
Psychodynamic Teens, Palliative Care
Estella Lim Siew Lai
(Ordinary - L2)
Revathi Karunakaran
Jared Devan
Chee Suh Yien Cassandra
(Ordinary - L2)
Siti Khadijah Bte Kamarudin
Gina Sin Hui Rong
Vaynard Lee Kwang Wei
Enid Teo-Lee Ching Hoon
(Ordinary - L4S)
Family Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness based Therapy Work Life Balance, Women's & Children's Mental Health, Chronic Pain Management
Nicholas Ooi Yun Leong
Yim Chek Kiong Jim
Amy Ching Lee Hoon
(Ordinary - L4S)
Goh Sing Pheng
(Ordinary - L1)
Tan Hwee Soon Kelly
(Ordinary - L4)
Goh Keow Wah Gilbert
(Ordinary - L1)
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, General Counselling Specialising On Unemployment, Divorce Matters
Richard Phang Chee Wai
(Ordinary - L2)
Tanja S. Faessler-Moro
(Ordinary - L4S)
Solution focused counseling & coaching, Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Meditation, Supervision

Adults, Couples 

Depression / Anxiety / PTSD / Stress / Fertility / Eating Disorder / Grief & Trauma Work

Chai Lee Pin
(Ordinary - L1)
Rapisura Ronnel Cruz
Precirose Sales
Abigail Lee
(Life - L4S)
Counselling, Play Therapy, Trauma & Grief Work Children & Adolescents, Couples & Family, Trauma Surviours
Pang Kok Meng
(Ordinary - L4S)

Family & Marital Psychotherapy

Adolescent & Adult Psychotherapy

Organisation Psychology

Accredited in Prepare / Enrich, TJTA, MBTI, FIRO-B, Benchmark, Strong Interest Inventory and Big 5 Personality.

Family & Marital

Adolescent & Adult

David Kan
(Ordinary - L4S)
Tham Saik Hoong
(Ordinary - L4S)


Mindfulness & Psychodynamic

Addiction Counselling

Depression & Anxiety

Anger & Stress Management

Elderly and Relationship Issues

Yang Fang
Karel Karsten Himawan
(Ordinary - L2) (Overseas)
CBT, Reminiscence Therapy Eldery & Relationships Issues
Peter Gan Su Keng
(Ordinary - L4S)
Mindfulness-Based Therapies (MBSR/MBCT, CFT, ACT, DBT), Schema Therapy OCD, Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Trauma & Stress Management
Yeh Wee Cher
Lucia Ng Koon Pong
(Ordinary - L2)
Chia Mui Sowe Jimmy
(Ordinary - L4S)
Su Yunhui Redeslyn
Sim Kwang Mong
(Ordinary - L4S)
CBT, PCT, CTRT Adolescents & Marital
Shiao Ai Choo Wendy
(Ordinary - L4)
Hoon Poh Choo
(Ordinary - L4)
Chandran Radhakrishnan
(Ordinary - L4)
Fadzilah Binte Abdul Rahman
Harold Tan
James Chong
(Ordinary - L2)
Veronica Cecilia Nathan
(Ordinary - L3)
Prepare/Enrich & T-JTA Practitioner, Family & Marital Therapy, Clinical Supervision, Career & Guidance Counselling Couples work (EMA, Domestic Violence), Relationship Conflicts, Grief & Loss
Pang Yew Yang
(Ordinary - L1)
Chiang Kue Piau
(Ordinary - L2)
Lambert Chiang Shih Kao
Jeslyn Lim
(Ordinary - L4S)
Pediatric Behavioural Therapy, Psychological Assessment, Hypnotherapy, Integral Eye Movement Therapy

Grief and loss, Self esteem/confidence, Mental/Behavioural Health, Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, OCD

Kirby Chua
(Ordinary - L4S)
Clinical Psychology, Anxiety Disorders, Christian Counselling
Edgar Tham
(Ordinary - L4)
Mental Toughness, Performance Psychology, Personality Profiling Sports, Music & Performing Arts, Sales & Marketing, Uniformed Groups (Police/Civil Defense)
Alia Vannessa Ann Vargheese
(Ordinary - L1)
Allen Annett
(Ordinary - L3)
Life/Career Counselling, Organisational Psychology, Psychological Assessment, Art & Photo Therapy Family Systems, Youth Behaviours, Business Leaders & Managers, Employee Engagement
Chui Wai Cheng
(Ordinary - L1)
Esah Binte Ali
Soh Wah Keem
(Ordinary - L1)
Nyang Poh Chin
(Ordinary - L2)
CBT Substance Abuse, Aftercare & Youth
Lea Chan
(Ordinary - L2)
Depression, Trauma, ADHD
Tan Hui Yang Aston
(Ordinary - L1)
Counselling, Individual & Group Crisis Intervention Adolescents
Lee Hui Lan Winnie
(Ordinary - L3)
PCT, TA, CBT, SFBT, Existential Teens, Elderly, Parenting Issues
Revolu Tetseo
(Ordinary - L4) (Overseas)
Shereen Banu Rowter
Annie Wong Pek Geok
Mohammad Tariq S/O Samsudeen
(Ordinary - L1)
Ali Bin Daud
Saadia Albrecht
Anna-Rose Taylor
Kenneth Sim P. Y.
(Ordinary - L4)
Lea Rose
(Ordinary) (overeas)
Art Therapy & Holistic Therapy General
Anne Lastman
(Ordinary) (overseas)
Abortion Therapy Traumatized Individuals
Dr Joshua Kua, MD
General Psychiatry & Psychotherapy
Dhira Ng Gim Hon
(Ordinary - L4)
Counselling General
Joyce Ling
(Ordinary - L4S)
CBT, REBT, SFBT, MO, Addictions & Family Systems

Career Counselling

Families & Youth


Marital Counselling

Psychiatric Conditions


Sakshi Singh Kshatriya
(Ordinary - L2)
Soh Gim Chuan
(Ordinary - L1)
Michael Tan Chong Boon
(Ordinary - L1)
Hypnotherapy General

Wong Keng Yang Betty

(Ordinary - L2)

Ng Min Fen

(Ordinary - L3)

Shi Jian Xin


Khoo Lock Bay Richard

(Ordinary - L1)

Bernard Mackenzie

(Ordinary - L4S)

Meditation, CBT, EMDR Children, Teenagers & Adults

Nivedita Rawal

(Ordinary - L4)


Mindfulness meditation


Xavier Andrews

(Ordinary - L1)

Johanna Shapira

(Ordinary - L4)

Dr Karthiyaini Sekar, MD

(Ordinary) (Overseas)

Paul Tan (Ordinary)

Dr Krishantha Janapriya Wirasinghe, MD (Ordinary - L2)

Pang Kok Leong Francis (Ordinary)

Michael Thong (Ordinary - L4)


Psychological Assessment

Research & Statistics

Adolescents / Adults / Elderly

Anxiety & Depression

Stress and Anger Management

Career Counselling / Coaching

Quek Hong Choon (Ordinary - L3)

Carolyn Lim Bee Bee (Ordinary - L4)

Dan Ng Chong Chee (Ordinary - L4S)

CBT, PCT, SFBT, PADI, RT, Clinical Supervision, Family & Marital Counselling, Career & Guidance Counselling, Crisis Intervention Children, Adolescents & Adults

Hiroko Kobayashi (Ordinary - L3)

Dr. Natalie Chantagul, Phd (Ordinary  - L4S)


Kanchana D/O Kalamogan 

(Ordinary - L2)

CBT, Play therapy, Grief & Loss Intervention, Suicide Intervention Children & Adolescents

Lim Soo Ching (Ordinary  - L4S)

CBT, SFBT, MI, Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Depression, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Eating Disorders

Couples Counselling

Youth to Adults

Chow Oi Har

(Ordinary  - L4)

CTRTC Children & Adolescents

N.E. Devika Samaranayake 

(Ordinary - L1)

CBT, EMDR, Career & Guidance Counselling

Medical Counselling, Clinical Supervision

Depression / Anxiety / Schizophrenia

Trauma / PTSD / OCD / Anger & Stress Management

Mental / Behavioural Health Issues

Self Esteem / Confidence

Patient Support

Children / Adolescents / Adults / Elderly

Jacquelyn Peh

(Ordinary - L4S)

CBT, SFBT, CTRT, Integrative Therapy

Adolescent & Youth at Risk

Adults & Senior Citizens Mental Health issues

Shirley Han (Ordinary)
Claudio Moroni (Ordinary - L3)

Counselling (Individual & Group)

Emergency Psychology

Psychological Assessment

Mental Health

Trauma / Stress Management

Adults / Adolescents

Dr Christopher Fong, Phd (Ordinary - L4)
Lee Chui Yeng, Carol (Ordinary - L2)

Stress Management


Relaxation Strategies

Child Psychology


Ko Ewe Jean, Cheryl (Ordinary - L1)

Behavioural Therapy

ABA Therapy

Psychology Observation

Special Needs Kids
Tan Si Min, Celeste (Ordinary - L1) Behavioural Therapy Children Development
Celine Edmund (Ordinary - L4S)


Family Therapy

Marital Counselling

Chandrasenan Joshi (Ordinary - L4S) General Counselling



Married Couples

Tay Ee Leng Elaine (Ordinary - L3) General Counselling Children & Adolescents
Siti Nadhirah Bte Azmi (Ordinary - L1) Psychology Children & Adolescents
He Qin Cherry (Ordinary - L1) Children Psychology Children & Adolescents
Lai Chong Tuck Larry (Ordinary - L4S)
Ong Hai Chiew (Ordinary - L3) General Counselling Elderly, Adoslescents and Marital
Chua Lian Kee (Ordinary - L3) General Counselling, EMDR, Mental Health Depression
Anita Barot (Ordinary - L4)

Emotional Intelligence, People Management

Leadership Training

Intercultural Relationships

Life Transitions

Adolescents Behaviours

Yap Kian Hong Amos (Ordinary - L3) CBT, SFBT & Satir Adolescents & Adults
Nicole Karen Ling Shu Hui (Ordinary - L4S) CBT, Organisational and Leadership Development Adults & Employee Development
Dougles John BULLOCK
Christopher John S/O Salvanathan Peter (Ordinary - L4S)

General Counselling



Teens & Elderly

Doreen Wong Mi Fung (Ordinary - L4) CBT, SFBT, Expressive & Artistic Therapy

Children Relationships


Jennifer Goh Yi Mei (Ordinary - L4)


Children & Adolescents

Vina Teo Geok Choo (Ordinary - L2)

Addiction, Mental Health 

Eldelry, Family & Marital Issues

Elderly, Adults

Children & Adolescents

William Chua Wee Siang (Ordinary - L1) CBT, SFBT, GID


Children & Adolescents

Jessica Olpp (Ordinary)
Tan Lee Ming (Ordinary)
Malathi Hariharan (Ordinary - L4) Mental Health Issues Adults, Adolescents & Elderly
Sarasvathy D/O Annamalai (Ordinary - L3) CTRT, CBT and Person Centred Children and Adolescents
Jeevithan S/O Muralidharan (Ordinary)
Jerome Sylvester S/O Jesudass (Ordinary)

Joanne Lamey (Ordinary - L3)

Family Issues

Violence and Mental Health

Youth & Children
Lai Chee Gong (Ordinary)

Children with disabilities

ADHD and mental health issues

Sue Ann Nummela (Ordinary - L2)

Meditative Flow Therapy, EMDR 

Sleep Disorders

Christy Chu (Ordinary)

Behavioural Addiction

Marriage & Elderly Issues



Kayla Yap Pei Sei (Life - L3)

Interpersonaly Psychotherapy

Mental Health & Trauma

Alison Edria Doyle (Ordinary - L3)

Narrative Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Dil Afroja Begum (Ordinary - L3)

Family Therapy

Mental Health 

Lim Gaik Eng (Ordinary - L4)
Duraipandi Angeline Jayanthi (Ordinary - L3) Marital Issues and Parenting Skills Adults and Youth
Woon Li Lin Shirley (Ordinary) Family Therapy, Affairs Recovery Programme Adults and children

Mohamed Noor Bin Yusoff (Ordinary - L1)

Chong Nam Kee

(Ordinary - L1)

Christian Counselling and Mentoring


Adults and Adolescents
Lim Ming Chu Sharon (Ordinary - L2)


Narrative Therapy



Domestic Violence

Lam Lai Sheon (Ordinary - L2)

Person Centred Therapy





Suresh Kumar Nair (Ordinary)
Dr Soo Hoong Yean Felice (Ordinary - L4)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy


LGBT Individual

Tan Sunn Chye Roy (Ordinary) Lifeskills CoachingMotivational Talks



Steven Das Francis (Ordinary - L4)

Personal Crisis

Pre & Post Divorce Stress, Marital Issue

Kelly-Jo Louise Caney (Student Mem)
George Ong Tze-Wei (Ordinary - L3)
Wilson Tan (Ordinary)
Nurni Loren Bite Mohd Zaini (Ordinary - L3)

Mental Health Issues, Elderly Rehab

Family Issue/violence

Charmaine Evangeline Tan Ming Min (Student)

Mental Health Issues

Special needs

Adolescent, Elderly
Doris Yap Lay Khoon (Ordinary) Gerontology, Trauma, Palliative Care Adults
No Name of Member Removed (Wef 7th Dec 2015)
1 Renjala Balachandran
2 Senthil Kumar S/O Kaliyaperumal
3 Lew Zhi Wei Shadow
4 Tan Hong Yiaw
5 Diane Tay Xinyi
6 Clement Tan Pin
7 Narinder Kaur
8 Kee Li Cheng
9 Loo Jing Min (Elizabeth)
10 Jancy Ng Lee Hwa
11 Ganesh Dev
12 Nafsiah Binte Mohd Noh
13 Christina Chua
14 Nur Syawani Bte Dahlan