President’s Message

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Many have asked and wondered if APACS is still an active association for the past 2 years. And that question is a valid one. Indeed, APACS has been “silent” on many fronts for the last 2 years due to an exodus of key committee members, shrinking the Executive Committee by almost 60%. Thus, the remaining members have limited APACS activities to its core essentials.

Despite the challenges, APACS managed to rally support and gain members into the new EXCO team for the year 2024 – 2026. And on behalf of the new team, we hope to re-ignite the spirit of APACS as we continue to strengthen and elevate this association. Our mission for these two years is to promote a culture of continuous improvement and learning as we actively engage our members and level up the standard of care in this helping profession. This is important as mental health awareness is at its peak currently. More and more people are now open to seeking help, going for counselling and seeking therapy. Thus, maintaining the quality of our members is key to ensure that the objectives and benefits of counselling and therapy are met. 

The journey is a long one and the team will take it step by step. We are aware of the challenges and limitations. And we will fall and stumble. But we will get up, wipe off the dust and walk along the path again, because if the association is to promote and champion mental health, resilience should be our strength.

With best regards,

Faiszah Abdul Hamid

APACS President (2024 – 2026)