My Corner Space

My Corner Space
Organization Name:
My Corner Space
Contact Number:
(+65) 69299477
2 Venture Drive, Vision Exchange, #14-02, Singapore 608526

MyCornerSpace is a Holistic Wellness advocate, that strives to help people discover that space to be restored, to be well and healthy holistically. MCS believes that there’s a space for everything. There’s a space to play; a space to work; a space to rest; a space to be restored. Represented by the image of a tree, its trunk depicts our mission and passion to help people improve their quality of life, through the six key building blocks of wellness, pointing to the larger schema of holistic wellness interconnected and interdependent. All the parts are necessary to the overall wellbeing of the individual, to build tenacity and grit in the face of challenges in the VUCA world.