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Frequently Asked Questions

APACS is the acronym for Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors (Singapore).

The association was legally registered with the Singapore Registrar of Society in February 2012.

The Association adopts an inclusive approach and invites all those suitably qualified in the field of mental health to join. It is open to all those who are interested in mental health and holds the view that that those requiring mental health assistance and skills need the services of not only psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors and psychotherapists but a broad spectrum of professionals within the community that are related to the healthcare and provider industry i.e. counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, addiction therapists, caregivers and so forth.

Yes – come and discuss with us.

The Association comprises of people members and often involves networking and events such as conferences and community outreach etc. Members have the opportunity to connect with not just the latter, but also in various types of allied healthcare/educators. In addition, individuals can benefit from personal and/or professional development by means of attending workshops and courses conducted. By and large, the members need to contribute to the health and success of the Association. With those in place, the returns and benefits to members will flower in terms of network and developmental growth.

Yes, please check out the various suitable membership fees (application form).

Skills Enhancement workshops, membership development and bridging courses offer members the opportunities to participate and present papers in international conferences, seminars and workshops. Such opportunities provide members with the chance to network and interact with others of similar interest. It also organises social and networking sessions occasionally.

Upon registration as on organisation, the Association received many congratulatory messages from similar overseas organisations as well as private well-wishers.

All of the Association clinical counselling supervisors have undergone formal training and education along such direction. Those training programmes are endorsed and certified by recognised institutions. Please check under the College of Supervisors on the website for more information.

This requirement is for members who have applied to be Certified Practitioners. Normal Ordinary, Student, Associate and Corporate members are considered as social members and are exempted from such requirements.