Name Membership / Practitioner LevelSpecialised SkillsFocus Group
Po Gim Tee Jeffrey, PhD Ordinary - L4SReality, Existential & Spiritual Therapy, Thanatology, Meditation and MediationThe Emotional-Mental Distressed, Youth, Adults and Elderly. Those seeking meaning and purpose in life. Those experiencing relationship issues.
Evelyn Lee Kam Yoke Ordinary
Eugene Chong Ordinary - L4SCertified Choice Theory Reality Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Psychological Assessment, Prepare/Enrich & T-JTA Trainer, Gottman L3, Schema L2Depression/Anxiety/Schizophrenia
Youths Mental/Behavioural Health
Couples Counselling
Ho Soo Yi Karen Ordinary - L4SPsychodynamicTeens, Palliative Care
Tan Hwee Soon KellyOrdinary - L4
Tanja S. Faessler-MoroOrdinary - L4SSolution focused counseling & coaching, Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Meditation, SupervisionAdults, Couples
Depression / Anxiety / PTSD / Stress / Fertility / Eating Disorder / Grief & Trauma Work
Abigail LeeLife - L4SCounselling, Play Therapy, Trauma & Grief WorkChildren & Adolescents, Couples & Family, Trauma Surviours
Peter Gan Su Keng Ordinary - L4SMindfulness-Based Therapies (MBSR/MBCT, CFT, ACT, DBT), Schema TherapyOCD, Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Trauma & Stress Management
Shiao Ai Choo WendyOrdinary - L4
Jeslyn Lim Ordinary - L4SPediatric Behavioural Therapy, Psychological Assessment, Hypnotherapy, Integral Eye Movement TherapyGrief and loss, Self esteem/confidence, Mental/Behavioural Health, Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, OCD
Anne Lastman Ordinary (overseas)Abortion TherapyTraumatized Individuals
Michael Tan Choon BoonOrdinary - L1HypnotherapyGeneral
Xavier Andrews Ordinary - L1
Paul Tan Ordinary - L3
Dan Ng Chong CheeOrdinary - L4SCBT, PCT, SFBT, PADI, RT, Clinical Supervision, Family & Marital Counselling, Career & Guidance Counselling, Crisis InterventionChildren, Adolescents & Adults
Lim Soo Ching Ordinary - L4SCBT, SFBT, MI, Psychiatric RehabilitationDepression, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Eating Disorders
Individual / Group Counselling
Youth to Adults
Jacquelyn Peh Ordinary - L4SCognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Integrative Psychotherapy in Existential, Humanistic & Gestalt Anxiety/Depression/PTSD/
Grief & Bereavement
(Youth, Adults, Elderly, Family)
Shirley Han Ordinary
Claudio MoroniOrdinary - L3Counselling (Individual & Group)
Emergency Psychology
Psychological Assessment
Mental Health
Trauma / Stress Management
Adults / Adolescents
Lai Chong Tuck LarryOrdinary - L4S
Ong Hai Chiew Ordinary - L3General CounsellingElderly, Adoslescents and Marital
Chua Lian KeeOrdinary - L3General Counselling, EMDR, Mental HealthDepression
Douglas John Bullock Ordinary - L2Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, Corporate Change Management, Positive Psychology,
Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness
Christopher John S/O Salvanathan PeterOrdinary - L4SSFBT, TA, CTRT, PCT, Career Counseling, Mentoring.Children
Teens & Elderly
Jennifer Goh Yi MeiOrdinary - L4Adults
Children & Adolescents
Joanne Lamey Ordinary - L3Family Issues
Violence and Mental Health
Youth & Children
Sue Anne HanOrdinary - L4Mental health intervention for Individual, Group and OrganizationAdolescents and adults
Christy Chu OrdinaryBehavioural Addiction
Marriage & Elderly Issues
Kayla Yap Pei SeiLife - Ordinary
Chong Nam KeeOrdinary - L1Christian Counselling and Mentoring
Adults and Adolescents
Lim Ming Chu SharonOrdinary - L4S(In)fertility, Trauma, Burnout, Anxiety, Stress, Sleep disturbance
Dr Soo Hoong Yean Felice Ordinary - L4Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Solution Focused Therapy
LGBT Individual
Wilson Tan Ordinary - L4
Maria SyjucoOrdinary - L4Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Fertility Coaching
Mervin LeeOrdinary - L1CBT, SFBT, Hypnotherapy
Kevin Chua Yan LiangOrdinaryPerson-Centered Therapy
Family System

Alpana Pal Ordinary - L4Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Suicide Intervention skillsEx-offenders, Inmates
Goh Wei-ShenOrdinary - L4Cognitive Behavioural TherapyYouth & Young Adults
Nicole BrandOrdinary - L3Solution Focused Brief Therapy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Anita KathiraysonOrdinary - L3CBT, REBT
Family Therapy
Youth, Adults
Families and children
Carol Chan Yu SinOrdinary - L4
Amy Huang MeiqiOrdinary - L4Person-centred therapy, Emotion-focused therapy
CBT, Satir transformational systemic therapy
Integrative therapy, general counselling
Children, Adolescents
Adults, Mothers
Gouk Sok Siam Ordinary
Goh Mei XinOrdinary - L3Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Using Figurines as Tools
James ChongOrdinary - L4SCareer Counselling
Child-Centred Play Therapy
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Group Therapy
Motivational Interviewing
Person-centred Therapy
Psychiatric Rehabilitation
Psychological First Aid
Solution Focused Brief Therapy
Children (4 to 8)
Quek Swee KimOrdinary - L4Hypnotherapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Parenting ConsultancyTeenagers, Children, Parents
Alva HuangLife - L1CBT, Expressive Art Therapy, Gottman Family TherapyChildren, Adolescents, Adults
Maltrish KaurOrdinary - L2
Keren Lee Lye LingOrdinary – L2Paediatric Behavioural Therapy, Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neurofeedback, ABA TherapyChildren, Adolescents, Adults

Mental/Behavioural Health:
Self-esteem/confidence, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Childhood Trauma, Phobias, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders
Moong San Hwee LeonardOrdinary – L4SSFBTChildren and Youths
Prudence JonesOrdinary – L4Acceptance and Commitment Therapy,
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,
Saratha RajuLife - L4Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Schema Therapy, Narrative Therapy, EMDR Therapy & Life CoachingAdolescents, Adults
Sasha JavadpourOrdinary – L2Cognitive Behaviour Therapy,
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy,
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Early to late adulthood
Chan Yen Ping, CherylOrdinary – L1Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment TherapyYoung adults, Couples
Lee Siew Han TrixieOrdinary - L4
Yap WeirenOrdinaryCognitive Behaviour Therapy
Psychological First Aid
Zanthe NgOrdinary - L1Suicide Prevention and Intervention,
Grief and Loss,
Special Needs Intervention
Young adults to adults, Children
Bjoerg Bruunshoej PlougmandOrdinary - L3Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Applied Positive Psychology, Integrative approachAll age groups
Lai Wei Xuan VivienOrdinary - L2Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Psychological First Aid
Young Adults
Sukalyani SwainOrdinary - L3Art Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural TherapyChildren, Adults
Eckshar d/o Jesu MiltonOrdinary - L1Solution Focused Brief therapy,
Cognitive Behavioural therapy,
Late teens, Adults, Parents
Augustine TanOrdinary - L4Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Transactional AnalysisYouth, Adults, Elderly
Sia Chong Hao, BryanOrdinary - L1Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Counselling
Estelle Chia Sock YingOrdinary - L4Cognitive Behaviour TherapyTeens
Tan Teck Leng DennisOrdinary
Sally MounirLife - L2Counselling, Creative arts therapy
Teen, adults
Couple & Family
Tan Wei JieOrdinary
Yii Teck Geok (Helen)Ordinary - L4SCognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance Commitment TherapyYoung Adults, Couples
Desmond LimOrdinary - L1Somatic Therapy
Magdalen ChengOrdinary - L4
Zara KaushikLife - L4sCognitive Behaviour Therapy with Children & Adolescents, Hypnotherapy, Handwriting and Signature analysis, Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Schema Therapy, Family Constellation, Past Life regression, Age regression, Addiction Management, Career Assessments, Reiki, Crystals, Solution Focused Therapy, Supervision Children, Adolescents, Couples and Family
Lim Kwong Yoong, DominicOrdinary - L1Emotional Focused Couple Therapy
Person-centred Therapy
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Chew Min Chin, TimothyOrdinary - L4SGestalt Therapy
Choice Theory Reality Therapy
Brief Psychodynamic Therapy
Wong Lian-Ya KatrinaOrdinary - L4
Sukvir (Monica) KaurOrdinary - L4SAdlerian Psychotherapy
Trauma Work
Divorce Work
Families, individual & children
Divorced / Separated families
Le Do Nga LinhOrdinary - L4Emotional Focused Couple TherapyDivorced
Angie Goh Sing PhengOrdinary
Julian Anschel Lai Jang EinOrdinaryPerson-Centred Therapy
Rachel LimOrdinary - L3Cognitive Behaviour TherapyYouth
Young Adult
Yuka Aiga TayOrdinary - L4CBT, Mindfulness, General CounsellingIndividuals, Marital and Family, Japanese speaking clients, Depression/Anxiety/Stress/Fertility/Parenting
Dr Christopher FongOrdinary - L4
Ana Maria JeremiahOrdinary - L1Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Motivational InterviewingYoung to middle aged adults
Chong Ming LeeOrdinary - L1
Diana TanOrdinary
Dian KarninaOrdinary - L3
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Person Centred Approach
Adults, LGBT, Caregivers, Clients with Dementia, Women
Eric Dominic S SantillanOrdinaryTranspersonal Psychology,
Business people, Entrepreneurs
Young graduates
Belinda Lau Wai KwanOrdinary - L3Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Gottman Method Couples Therapy
Life Coaching
Koh Yong Hin RolandOrdinary - L4SSatir Transformational Systemic Therapy,
Choice Theory Reality Therapy,
Accredited Prepare Enrich, MBTI, T-JTA facilitators
Children & Adolescent
Anthea Chua Sei LingOrdinaryCognitive Behavioural Therapy
Sim Kang WeiOrdinarySolution Focused Brief Therapy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Keh Sor Tin (Vanessa)L1
Dian HandayaniOrdinary - L4Sex Psychotherapy, Art Psychotherapy, Trauma-Informed, Jungian Psychotherapy, Solution Focused, Somatic ExperiencingAdults, Couples, LGBT
Samira Shahul HameedOrdinary - L3Cognitive Behavioural TherapyYoung Adults, Adults
Lim In InOrdinary - L1Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solutions Focus Brief Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Somatic ExperiencingYoung Adults, Adults
Esther Sng Mei TingOrdinary - L1Behavioural TherapyChildren, Youth with Special Needs
Kalpalatha ThiyagarajanOrdinary - L3Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Older children, Teenagers, Adults, Senior Citizens
Samantha TayOrdinary - L4Cognitive Behavioural TherapyChildren, Teenagers, Adults
Liu BuyuOrdinary - L2Narrative Therapy,
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Therapy
Children, Teenagers, Families and Adults
Robert Marc LevesonOrdinary - L3Psychodynamic PsychotherapyChildren, Adolescents, Parents, Families
Tan YuyunOrdinary - L4CBT, Trauma Focused CBT, Addictions Counselling, Grief Counselling, Separation Counselling, Trauma Counselling, Play based and creative work with childrenChildren, adolescents, families, adults
Vania TeoLife - OrdinaryExistential Humanistic, Motivational Interviewing, CBT, Addictions, Substance Abuse, Disability, Mental Health, Family Issues
Sandy Saito ShinobuOrdinary - L1
Tan Poh Yong NikkoOrdinary - L1
Katherine HoltOrdinaryLife Coaching
Work Life Balance
Diana NgOrdinaryCognitive Behavioral Therapy
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Teens and Adults
Lim Li HsienOrdinaryChoice Theory/Reality Therapy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Young Adult/Adolescent
Dr Derek ZhengOrdinary - L3Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
Child and Adolescent
Eleanor OngOrdinary - L4Emotion Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Trauma-Informed, LGBTQIA affirmative, Addiction RecoveryTeens, Young Adults, Adults, LGBTQIA
Chloe Manasseh-BenjaminOrdinary - L4Art PsychotherapyChildren and Adolescent
Yvonne YeowOrdinarySolution Focused Brief Therapy Students
Indra Alam Syah Bin AzizOrdinary
Chew Pau LingOrdinary
Huan Ser FeeOrdinary - L3
Shanti Letchimi D/O MariappanOrdinary - L3Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Clinical HypnotherapyAdolescent, Adults
P VishnuOrdinary - L1Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Clinical HypnotherapyAdolescent, Adults
Pang Siew YunOrdinary - L1Addiction Treatment
Karen Lim Kheng LuiOrdinary
Rashmi SharmaOrdinary
Dr Carol Balhetchet Ordinary - L4SCognitive Behavioural Therapy, Family Therapy, Relational Therapy Adults, Young adults, Parents, Couples and Family
Christina MaragkakiOrdinary - L1Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral HypnotherapyAdolescents, Adults, Couples, Families
Bhasvini Kul KaurStudentIntegrative CounsellingAdults, Young adults
Teo Yew ThongOrdinary - L3
Charmaine Francesca MarshOrdinary - L2Family Therapy, Art Therapy, MediationChildren, Adolescents, Families
Tan Jeanne KirkOrdinary - L1
Dr. Brian J BenjaminOrdinary - L4Play Therapy, Psychological Assessment, Couple PsychotherapyChildren, Adult, Couple
Maureen HuangOrdinary - L4Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Animal Assisted Therapy, Animal Assisted Play TherapyChildren, Adult, Couple, Families
Faiszah Binte Abdul HamidOrdinary - L1Psychological First Aid, Emotional Focused CoachingGeneral
Koh Sok HiangStudent
Desieree Elisabeth MakalewOrdinary - L1
Ho King LamOrdinary - L1Emotionally Focused TherapyIndividual
Lai JiarongStudent
Ken Samuel Chua Kok KhengOrdinaryAbuse cases, Depression, Family issues / Violence, Marriage issues, Mental health issues, Suicide, Substance / behavior addiction, Trauma, Crisis ManagementIndividual, Couple, Family
Michael GomezOrdinaryDepression, Elderly issues, Mental health issues, Sleep disorder, TraumaIndividual, Elderly
Anthony Wong Teck BoonOrdinary - L4Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Youths & Adult Mental Health, Relationship Counselling, Grief & Trauma WorkYouths, Adults, Couples
Grace Loh Kwan ShiinOrdinaryCognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solutions Focused Brief Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy Women, Women facing post partum depression, Young Adult, Adults
Henu RanaOrdinary - L1
Dr. Sonia KhodabakhshOrdinary - L4SRational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Reality Therapy (RT)Adolescent, Adult
Mohammad Ghazali Ali Ordinary
Sandeep Singh SidhuOrdinary - L4
Jasdeep Kaur SidhuOrdinary - L4
Salman HaiderOrdinary - L3Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Choice Theory Reality Therapy, HypnotherapyAdults, Couples
Jouie LimOrdinary - L1
Vicnesh Nicholas T Rajan VictorOrdinary - L1Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Person-centered Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Choice Theory Reality TherapyChildren, Youths, Young Adults, Adults, Persons with Physical and Mental Disabilities
Kenneth Sim Peng YamOrdinary - L4
Mohammad Rafiz bin Mohyi HapipiOrdinary
Avis Maria FontaineOrdinary - L1Person-Centred Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Solution-focused Brief TherapyCouples, Adults and Young Adults. Relationship Issues, Marital and Divorce Issues, Anxiety and Emotional Stress, Depression, Grief, Work Stress/Burnout, Academic Stress, Psychosocial Crises (e.g. mid-life crisis), Body Image Issues, Career Changes and Transitions in Life
Nithiamurugan s/o GanapathyOrdinary - L2Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Gottman Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, SFBTInmates / Ex-offenders
Drug / Alcohol Addicts
Low Siew Foong JaniceOrdinary - L3Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Choice Theory & Reality TherapyYoung adults, Children, Adults/Elderly
Chern Lye Chua AndrewOrdinary - L3
Heng Yan LinOrdinary - L4Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Person Centred Therapy, Systemic Therapy, Expressive Art TherapyMental Health, Marital & Family Relationships, Grief & Loss, Trauma
(Adolescents & Adults)
Nasrin Shah Beevi D/O MeerasaOrdinary - L1CBT, Gottman's, NarrativeChildren, Youth, Couples
Davelle LeeOrdinary - L1Solution Focused Brief TherapyYoung adults, Couples
Emily NobleOrdinary - L4Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Emotion Focused Therapy,Adults, Adolescents
Chew Hui Keong, AndrewOrdinary - L1Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness & Existential TherapyAge ranging from Teenagers, Young Adults, Mid-Career to Senior Citizens
Ellycia Sasha ZainalOrdinary - L4ADHD, Children with disabilities, Dyslexia, Mental health issues
Rinaldo Christian TanumaraAssociate
Lim Yong ChinOrdinary Credit CounsellingAdults
Doris Yap Lay Khoon Ordinary - L4
Supriya Kotwal MahajanOrdinary - L4Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic Art PsychotherapyChildren, Adolescents, Families
Sherlyn Donna Choong Pei ShengOrdinary
Serene Lee Yen ChingOrdinary
Dipti JaiswalStudent
Emeelea SaniStudent
Koo Kian YongOrdinary - L4
Kamalshamsul AdnanStudent
Fadilah Binte JasmaniOrdinary - L4Cognitive Behavioural TherapyYoung adults
Edmund s/o
Tiong Cai Joo
Life - L1Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT)Adults, Young adults
Tan Hui Sheng DominicOrdinary
Rebecca OhOrdinary
Miranda LedesmaOrdinary - L4Somatic ExperiencingYoung Adults (16-18), Adult
Sarann JohnsonOrdinary - L1Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Emotionally Focused TherapyYoung Adults
Tan Siew Ying WendyStudent
Karl Francis DeSouzaOrdinary - L4Trauma Healing (EMDR, Somatic Body, ISP)
Marriage and Family Therapy
Sex and Sexuality Issues
Individuals, Couples, Families - adolescents, young adults, adults
Minority Populations
People with Terminal Illnesses
Cindy Tisdall-McPheeOrdinary - L3CBT, ACT, DBT, Expressive Therapies, SFBTChildren, Adolescents and Families
Andleeb QaziOrdinary
Prionka RayOrdinary - L2CBT, Solution Focused Therapy, Family & Marital CounsellingTeens/Young adults, Adults, Parents
Alvin SengOrdinary - L4Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational InterviewingTertiary Students, Young Adults, Adults
Deb NewnahaOrdinary
Thamarai Ranjini D/O VeerappanOrdinary
Alyssa Rose FernandezOrdinary - L3
Koh Ai JinOrdinary - L4SEMDR, Trauma, Marital & Family TherapyChildren, Youth, Adults
Jaspreet Kaur D/O Piara SinghOrdinary
Emil ChungOrdinary - L3CBT, PCT, Psychodynamic, NLP, DISC and MBTIAdults
Amy Magdalene Ong Wee PingOrdinary
Wang Hsueh WenOrdinary - L1Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Psychodynamic, Person-centered TherapyElderly, Young Adults
Anand MaheyStudent
Lam Lai SheonOrdinary - L2
Fan Yi Ru JacklynOrdinary - L1Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Transactional Anaylsis, Buddhist PsychotherapyYouth, Adult and Elderly
Yun Choi YingOrdinary
Koh Min Li EyvonOrdinary - L1CBT, Arts TherapyPersons with disability, Children and Teens, Women of all ages
Lakshmi Bai D/O M VanugopalOrdinary
Lihi Darnell Ordinary - L4
Kimberly Diane FiselOrdinary - L4Depression, Family issues / Violence, Marriage issues, Mental health issues, TraumaAdults, Adolescents, Couples and Families
Zuraidah RahimOrdinary - L3
Muhammad Abu Sufian Bin HanafiOrdinary - L2Systemic Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Person Centered TherapyYouth, Adults, Couples