Professional Recognition and Representation 
Be recognised as a member of your profession for your skill, experience, education and value to Singapore. APACS raise awareness for the professionalism of mental health professions in the industry and advocate on behalf of the interest of the current and future mental health practitioners. As a member you can contribute to the development of our policy positions on a range of issues affecting counsellors and psychotherapists. Have your say through APACS surveys, consultations, and on our Facebook group.

APACS Members are also able to add their details such as their specialised skills and their focus group to the Membership Directory for free which enables both the employers and the public to verify their professional standings.

Insurance Coverage & Legal Clinic
APACS holds an Association Liability insurance policy which incorporates Professional Indemnity Insurance covering all practitioner members. In addition, all members of APACS enjoy pro bono legal consultation for a specific issue and within a limited time frame.

Members of APACS receive a quarterly e-newsletter (The Gazette) containing topical information, research and reports relevant to practitioners. In addition, members get timely updates from both Facebook and email updates.

Professional Development
APACS members are invited to the Annual General Meetings and Membership Development for both networking opportunities and association updates. In addition, all APACS members enjoys pro-bono Skills Enhancement Workshops (SEW) that is held three times a year.

Professional Support
APACS members are only an email away from professional help and support. Over the past years we have directed members to relevant resources, provided support and guidance, and put members in touch with mentors and supervisors.