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A. Personal Information


    B. Educational Attainment (Please Enclose A Copy Of Your Transcript)

    Name of Institution /University Diploma / Degree Conferred Major Year Graduated

    C. Skills Development In Counselling / Psychotherapy

    Name of Workshop / Seminar / Courses Attended Duration Year Remarks

    D. Employment History

    Order them in chronologically order, starting with your most recent experience.

    Name of Organisation Position Date Joined (mm/dd/yyyy) Date Left (mm/dd/yyyy)
    I currently work here

    E. Present Job Description

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    F. Community Involvement(s)

    Name of Organisation Position Held Period Paid or Voluntary

    G. Practicum Hours

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    Name of Organisation Site Supervisor Hours

    H. Clinical Supervision Hours

    Name of Supervisor Hours

    I. Type Of Membership Applied For

    Ordinary Member S$50.00
    Life Member S$800.00 (one-time payment)
    Associate Member S$40.00
    Student Member S$30.00
    Corporate Member S$200.00
    Note: Registration fee S$50.00 (one-time non-refundable payment)
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    - Those who join between Jan to Jun of the year of application, will pay full fee.
    - Those who join between Jul to Dec of the year of application, will pay 50% fee.
    - Thereafter in the following year, full annual fee applies.
    - All annual subscriptions are renewable in January of the year

    * Reinstatement fee for lapse member is S$100.00 together with payment of all dues in arrears.
    Those who wish to re-apply for membership shall have their application treated as a fresh application and shall be subjected to the approval of the prevailing Executive committee.

    J. Accreditation Level (License Practitioner) Applied For

    Level 1: Certified Practitioner
    Basic relevant degree with 150 hours Supervised practicum
    Annual fee: S$40.00
    Level 2: Certified Practitioner
    Basic relevant degree with 300 hours Supervised practicum
    Annual fee: S$50.00
    Level 3: Certified Master Practitioner
    Basic relevant Masters Degree with 300 hours Supervised practicum
    Annual fee: S$80.00
    Level 4: Certified Master Practitioner
    Basic relevant Masters Degree with 500 hours Supervised practicum
    Annual fee: S$100.00
    Level 4/S: Certified Master Practitioner / Supervisor
    Annual fee: S$120.00
    Educator: For applicant who wish to join as member but do not intend to practice as counsellor or psychotherapist No additional fee


    Maximum 300 characters limit

    K. Proposed By Two Current APAC (S) Members of Good Standing

    No Name of Proposers (current APAC (S) members of good standing) Membership Number Email

    L. Summary Of Application

    Once your application is successfully accepted, the secretariat will notify you to process the fee payment via the following methods,

    a) For cheque deposit, issue crossed cheque in favour of APACS and mail to address:
    BLK 124, Hougang Ave 1, #01-1450, Singapore 530124.
    b) For ATM Fund Transfer / Internet Bank Transfer Payment, please transfer the due amount to the following bank account.
    DBS Current Account No: 104-900009-5
    Bank Code: 7171
    Branch Code: 104
    Swift Code: DBSSSGSG

    Please enter your Name in the "Payer" field when performing an internet bank transfer.

    Once the fund transfer payment has been effected, please submit a payment notification with the following details to the to facilitate us in tracking your payment.
    - Mode of Payment:
    - Date of Payment:
    - Time of Payment:
    - Reference/ TransactionNumber:

    M. Applicant Not Meeting Entry Criterion

    Applicants who do not meet the entry criterion may still apply and be admitted as member upon approval of the Executive Committee and after fulfilling other requirements. This will be on a case to case basis and should not be constituted as a precedent.

    N. Check If You Have Completed The Following Before Submission

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    Upload your documents

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    I have uploaded my Transcripts & Certificates.
    (Non-submission of documents may result in a rejection of your application)
    I have uploaded the documentary proof of practicum.

    O. Declaration

    I declare that:

    • The information stated above is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.
    • Upon acceptance as a member, I shall uphold the constitution, code of ethics, code of conduct and behavior and conform to the Manual of Procedures of the Association to the best of my abilities.
    • I have not been charged with any criminal offence(s) in any court of law.
    • I have read and understand the terms & conditions of my membership.

    P. Webpage Inclusion



    Survey on Area Of Interests

    (I) Area of speciality (you may indicate more than one)

    Abuse casesAdolescents riskADHDChildren with disabilitiesDepressionDyslexiaElderly RehabElderly issuesEnd of life issuesFamily issues / ViolenceGerontologyGeriatricsMarriage issuesMental health issuesPalliative carePrison rehabSleep disorderSuicideSubstance / behavior addictionTrauma

    (II) To enhance my counselling / psychotherapy skills, I would be keen to attend workshops, lectures and courses related to the following topics:

    Maximum 300 characters limit

    It may take a few minutes for uploading the files.