Accreditation/approval of Institution of Higher Learning and Course/programme related to psychology, counselling and psychotherapy

Institution of Higher learning and/or individuals can apply for APACS to accredit/approve school or course programmes related to psychology, counselling and/or psychotherapy. The following procedures are to be followed:

1. Formal application accompanied with the registration fee

2. Site audit and/or interview with the applicant with the payment of relevant fees

3. If successful, the issuance of letter of accreditation/approval after payment of relevant fees

The following Institution of Higher Learning have been found suitable by APACS

1. ARIUM School of Arts and Science

Course programme:

  • Specialist Diploma in Counselling Psychology
  • Specialist Diploma in Sports Psychology
  • Specialist Diploma in Organisational Psychology
  • Specialist Diploma in Educational Psychology
  • Specialist Diploma in Special Needs Education
  • Specialist Diploma in Child Psychology
  • Specialist Diploma in Psychology Studies
  • Specialist Diploma in Criminology
  • Specialist Diploma in Forensic Psychology
  • Graduate Diploma in Clinical and Counselling Psychology
  • Graduate Diploma in Health Psychology
  • Graduate Diploma in Organisational Psychology
  • Graduate Diploma in Education and Child Psychology 

2. The School of Positive Psychology

Course programme: 

  • Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling
  • Graduate diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling
  • Professional Diploma in Psychotherapy

The following course are approved by APACS 

  • Certification in Coaching and counselling framework in infertility and medical basis about fertility reproduction by 2 Plus Consultancy Pte Ltd ( (15 CEU points)
  • Certification in Professional Counselling Supervision by APACS (30 CEU points)
  • Certificate in Para-Counselling by APACS (15 CEU points)

Bridging Courses:


Bridging Courses designed by the Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors (Singapore) are some topical subjects that members who do not meet the educational entry criterior to apply for and subsequently be issued with the Association’s Practitioner License will have to undertake.


Each topic consists of 16 hours of face to face lectures over two full days (usually weekends) conducted by the Association’s qualified trainer in that particular field. A written and/or practicum role play evaluation of participants will form part of the assessment of participant’s understanding and grasp of the topics.


Depending upon the academic qualifications of members during the time of membership application into the Association and the request by the applicant to be issued with Practitioner License it may be necessary for the applicant to undertake immersion in several combinations of the topics given below:


1. Topic APACS – CT                Counselling Theory

2. Topic APACS – CS                Counselling Skills

3. Topic APACS – ET                Ethics and Behavioral Conduct

4. Topic APACS – FT                Family Relations/Therapy

5. Topic APACS – BP                Biology Psychology

6. Topic APACS – DP                Developmental Psychology

7. Topic APACS – AP                Abnormal Psychology



The decision in the selection and number of topics (maximum five) that applicants will have to undertake will depend upon the applicant’s basic qualification and the decision of the Association which will be final.                  

For enquires, please contact Person-In-Charge at

Professional Development Courses

Name of Course Training Accreditation CEU/OPDPoints Contact Email
Prepare/Enrich (PE) Certification Training Seeding Minds Life Innovation, Inc / APACS 8
Diploma in Buddhist Psychotherapy and Counselling Dot Connections Growth Centre APACS / ACA 28
Certification in Meditative Flow-Psychotherapy Regional Human Skills APACS / ACA 28
Certification in Substance Abuse (Windows of Addiction) Promises Pte Ltd APACS / APCB 28
Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis (T-JTA) Certification Training Seeding Minds T-JTA® / APACS 12

*** APACS - Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellor Singapore

*** ACA - Australia Counselling Association

*** APCB - Asia Pacific Certification Board